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Hello, my name is Duncan. Currently I am almost 2 years old, at least at the time my Dad last updated this page. He gets really busy most of the time, mostly because of me; I can be a handful. But I do most of his Research and Development work and I work cheap so it evens out. You know 'will work for toys', hugs, snuggles, smiles, etc., besides they spoil me quite a bit so I feel like I should "help" out as much as I feel I can.

Some things I like, and Dad has to make more of them because I won't let them go. Some things I don't like, so Dad goes back to the pencil, paper, and erasers and stuff gets tossed into the wood pile to get reused into something else. It doesn't happen much, he has a good idea of what's fun. Even if I don't use things the way he thought I would. hehehehehe