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Only base line prices are given but are pretty accurate. Prices will change dependant on wood type and size of course. Exact prices can/will be negotiated via phone/email for clarification. All items are made to order; and not before hand.
Child's Rattle
Hand turned from a single piece and made out of solid stock or lamented woods (exotics and domestics), these rattles promises many fun filled years for your little tyke and many generations to come. Each rattle can be made of any desired wood or combination of woods.
Domestic Wooden Rattles $30 each
Exotic Blended Rattles $40+ each
Custom Bowls
Hand turned from a single piece, segments, or combo (exotics and domestics), these bowls catch your eye as well as whatever you put in them. Every bowl can be made of any desired wood or combination of woods.
Bowls - Click to enlarge Domestic Wooden Bowls
and Exotic blended bowls
Children's Chair
These chairs/stools are made with 3 legs to prevent wobbling on any surface. The seat is generally made of Poplar wood because of its light weight, but can be ordered with any solid wood. The hand turned legs are set in the seat with hard wood wedges of a contrasting color and finished with matching spines along the sides for added strength and beauty.
Children's Sitting Stool $70+
(Dependent upon wood chosen and physical dimensions)
Coat Stands
These stands are turned as 2 pieces, the base and the top. The base contains the legs made of hard wood of your choice. The top contains the hooks, generally of the same wood as the legs. Carving are available, and design work can be done throughout the stock and legs.
Coat Stands $100+
Rocking Chair and Nursing Stool
Perfect for the nursing mother, and the fathers that help out with that dreaded 2am feeding. Made of solid Cherry (or your choice of wood) this chair promises to be a family heirloom that your children's, children's, children can use to rock their young ones off to sleep with.
Rocking chair with matching stool $800+
Wands (Unicorn hair, Phoenix feather, Dragon scale, and Nymph wing not included)
Although I can't guarantee you any transformations out of this wand it will definitely transform the imagination Crafted from your choice of any wood imaginable.
Wands $10-$20
Display Case (Shown in Cherry)
Perfect for any room in your home to show off the trinkets of memories past or display the proud moments of your family.
Display Case $100+
Candle Stick Holders (Shown in Cherry and English Sycamore)
Have a romantic evening planned? Let this pair light your way to a tender night throughout dinner and beyond. Different styles, lengths, and woods available.
Candle Stick Holders $45+ per pair
Candelabras (Shown in Quilted Maple and Walnut with a Cocabola base)
Have a festive event planed? Have this glowing symbol of elegance enhance your special evening. Different styles, heights, and woods available.
Candelabras $50+
Sign In Boards (Shown with Cherry sides and Maple with Cocabola accented scroll top and commercially purchased skateboard decks mounted with brass)
Make a spectacular greeting to your spectacular party event? Have this warm Sign In Board to memorialize your special party with the names of your guests. Different styles, heights, and woods available.
Sign In Board - Click to enlarge Designs for Girls and Boys available