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Ok, about the wood spinner. I wouldn't mind playing myself down as a V.A.R. (Value Added Reseller) for wood. After all that if you look past all the tools, all the wood shaving and chips, and all the hours bent over a workbench, that is really what it comes down to. I am adding inlays here...taking bits out there, and then creating something useful and beautiful out of what was already there.

Ok, well maybe it isn't that simple. It started really for the most part in 2000 (actually a lot before that, but this is a good enough starting place). I was working as a Den Leader for my wife's son Matthew, a then cub scout, and it came time to do the 'le Pine Wood Derby race, my first scroll saw. From those humble beginnings the sickness spread. Within the next 2 years I had a full blown wood shop that, except for the cramped quarters, would make most wood workers drool.

My shop is located in my basement (little by little I am taking more and more of it over) of my home in Reisterstown, Maryland, which is about 10 miles from downtown Baltimore, on the good side. :-) There, surrounded by neighboring oak and elm trees, I carve, spin, and shape woods into various pieces of art and tools.

Some of the tools come second hand, and joy for that. Nothing beats getting good stuff at a bargain. My first lathe, jointer, and radial arm saw all for a $100 a piece, can't beat that. Some of the rest came directly from Lowe's and Home Depot. I have to say though you aren't going to find much of the higher end stuff there, but it is a great thing to be able to go out at 9pm and grab pieces, parts, and supplies for stuff.

Well, anyway, you can never really tell how much to put in a web page about yourself. Judge how much info people really care about. Don't really want to ramble and not sure how much is really relevant, or how much you want to listen to. But I think that is about the extent of the history of my shop. Been to a few craft fairs, with asperations of going to more so if you happen it be in the Baltimore area at a fair you might see me.