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A list of known good wood suppliers. All will ship to the United States, but most are, of course, located in the Baltimore, Maryland area at large.
Hearne Hardwoods, one of my favorite places to get great quality rough-cut wood. It's about a 60 minute drive up to Oxford, PA and I prefer the back road straight up Rt. 1 over the I-95 route. For one you don't have to pay the toll to cross the bridge over the Susquehanna River. Second, the country side is beautifully green almost year round (barring snow of course). And third, as long as you don't get stuck behind an idiot - and you know who you are - the drive is just as quick. Anyway, the amount of money that you save more than make up for the drive and time getting there and the owner is a great guy on top of it who doesn't mind questions. Not just saying that to get a discount, although if you are reading...
If you don't go up at least check out their web site for some great looking wood.
Reisterstown Lumber Company, nice and local, unfortunately not so nice in pricing. It is about twice the price as Hearne Hardwoods but if I need a small piece of not so common wood or I am in a time pinch, I'll go there. They handle most everything, and if it isn't maple, red oak, pine, poplar or something I can get at the local home centers the price can be over looked.
The Home Depot, good place to get the more common items. They have a decent selection of maple, poplar, red oak, and pine. Mostly I go there for the maple. It is generally S4S, which means "Surfaced on 4 Sides". Very straight and nice wood although it is generally limited on the dimensions, almost always 3/4" thick and in standard 1/2"+ shy of the inch width mark (3 1/2" for a 4" wide board). But it is right down the road too and the price is decent for wood that you don't have to resurface.
Lowe's. Ok...let's be a bit honest here. Not looking hassles from the big stores here, just my own option...if you want answers go to Home Depot. Once you get the answers Lowe's has a bigger selection as far as solutions go. Staff isn't as helpful...but they do have variety. Decent wood and if you are looking for that yellow pine (or hard pine) that all the magazines are suggesting for workbenches and stuff most of their stores have it.